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Welcome to BTB


Our mission is to revive the downtown of Riga by uniting three central streets into a district.

  • Brīvības street

  • Tērbatas street

  • Barona street

  • Smart district for the smart city

    Cities around the world are introducing technological innovations for sharing economy services, easier communication and mobility. It is time for Riga, the heart of the Baltic States, to incorporate Smart City solutions that improve lives of inhabitants and city guests. 

    The synergy between people and technology is the key to create our city more accessible, liveable and hospitable for everyone.

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About smart city projects:


Currently, BTB quarters are introducing QR code network to inform tourists about places in our area. Additionally, this technology will provide two-way communication channel between local businesses and city guests.

The project is carried out in collaboration with our sister district 'Visit Frederiksberg' by Frederiksberg Erhverv (Frederiksberg Trade Association) in Copenhagen, Denmark. 

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